Friday, May 24, 2013

Law School Admissions: Now Double Elimination!

This isn't an entirely new concept, but props to the LMU Duncan School of Law (accredited in Tennessee!) for figuring out a good way to stock next year's class in advance:

The Lincoln Memorial University Duncan School of Law has introduced "Admission Through Performance," allowing rejected applicants to enroll in a free, four-week course on the Federal Rules of Evidence taught by Duncan faculty. If the applicants do well, they can earn a spot in next year's 1L class.

Did we say "free?" Yes, yes we did! Lots of rascals charge for their "second chance courses." But not LMU-Duncan. Take it from Associate Dean April Meldrum:

We expect that many of the students will not succeed, so we wanted to make sure that we weren't taking advantage of them.

As-if other law schools ever do such things! Why, I never!

After graduating 77 people this year, LMU is trying to find 30 people to fill next year's class. The trade unionists at the ABA have already denied LMU-Duncan accreditation once and LMU-Duncan has reapplied, but remains in limbo. That's sort-of like getting turned down by the perpetually-high girl in your friendship circle who just had a train run on her by your buddies. So send 'em a prospect. Pity 0L?

I mean, it's a school in a Confederacy state named after the satanic Union dictator, and the name on the university is a way more famous lawyer than the guy whose name is on the law school. C'mon...

The free evidence course starts on July 11, and students must score at least a 70 on the 100-point final exam to gain admission to the law school proper. 

Let me try to draft a few questions for them:

1. Which of the following subjects was NOT discussed in this class?

A. Relevance
B. Hearsay
C. Judicial Notice
D. Elephant trunk cleaning

2. Which of the following would likely be prohibited as court testimony by a police officer?

A. "I saw the defendant stab her."
B. "The defendant yelled 'I stabbed the ho.'"
C. "A woman nearby yelled 'That dude stabbed that ho!'"

3. Have you figured out that the answers for 1 and 2 are both D?

A. Yes.
B. No.
C. I'm doing the numbers backwards. No spoilers!
D. Actually, choice C under question 2 may be also correct if the proper foundation for a hearsay exception has not been met.

Note: Answering "D" to this question will qualify you to wear our special "GUNNER ALERT" shirt, which can be purchased at the gift store for $19.99.

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