Thursday, May 2, 2013

The More Rankings, The Merrier!

One great thing about law school rankings that critics often miss while stumbling to opine on their fairness or the emphasis deans place upon them is this: so long as no law school ranking remains definitive, an increase in law school rankings is always good for law schools.

Now that the prestige-porn-pushing folks at AboveTheLaw have come up with their OWN law school ranking, let me tell you why. Here is where each school can now pitch itself:

Yale - America's number one law school! (USN, ATL)
Harvard - America's number one law school! (C)
Stanford - America's second-best law school! (ATL)
T. Cooley - America's second-best law school! (C)
Georgetown - America's third-best law school! (C)
Columbia - America's fourth-best law school! (USN)
NYU - America's fourth-best law school! (C)
U. of Chicago - America's fourth-best law school! (USN, ATL)
U. of Pennsylvania - America's fifth-best law school! (ATL)
U. of Virginia - America's fifth-best law school! (C)

See? We just doubled the top 10! It's just like how college football rankings used to wind up with 3 national champions, and that worked well!

It doesn't just work at the top, either. Georgia, North Carolina, and Southern Methodist now have top 25 law schools. Georgia State and Saint Louis are now top 50. AND SETON MOTHERFUCKING HALL IS 36TH!!!

I don't know how the Valvoline Dean pulled that one off, but you KNOW he lubricated the rankings.

But it's not like additions really defeat the claims of anyone else. Wisconsin can still claim to be a top 50 school, as can George Mason and Maryland and anyone else who got bumped. When an incredibly-prestigious media organization develops new ranking tools, it's like a long-lost heir of the monarch showing up and you get competing claims to law school awesomeness.

And all this, of course, ignores the topical rankings, because everyone knows if you want to WRITE LIKE A LAWYER, you go to Seattle University, which isn't in anyone's top 50.

The bottom line, 0Ls, is that there are now more options than ever for an excellent legal education. Take one of them. Please.

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