Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Widener Looking to Become Two Kick-Ass Law Schools

Yup. Check it out:

Delaware Law Weekly reports that the school may split its Wilmington and Harrisburg campuses into two separate schools.
[S]ources indicate that the move is an effort to cut costs as law school enrollment at Widener – and around the country declines.
[The reporter] adds that while school officials confirm such a split is likely – they deny it’s a response to financial concerns or declining enrollment. The school says split has been part of its strategic plan since 2006.

Ah, yes, American law schools: where a non-profit spin-off takes seven years and just happens to span a global financial meltdown and a collapse in law school applications. God knows there's no one of the campus who could have worked on that or anything. They probably had to wait this long for attorneys to even look at it, given the massive shortage of attorneys on the east coast.

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