Monday, May 27, 2013

Ign'rant Animalistic Commentary

Because I love you - yes, you - I'm interrupting my weekend partying (beer just tastes better when it's paid for with debt bondage), to bring to light a comment left on my Top 20 LLM programs list (seriously - put it in list form - gift that keeps on giving) by "Cathy":

I wonder how you came down with this list? Under which criteria you decided those LLMs were in “your” worst top 20? Because by reading your comment of the Lewis &Clark’ animal law LLM: “Look, puppies!!! A kitten on top of a law book! Awwww! I like animals!” it pretty much shows you know anything about animal law. I strongly recommend you to first get that degree and then you’ll be able to make a professional opinion about the worthiness of the L&C animal law LLM. We don’t need opinions based on ignorance.

Yeah, scambloggers, don't knock it until you've paid the cash to try it! Otherwise your "professional opinion[s]" are worthless. Dat's ign'rant.

Also, if my comment "pretty much shows [I don't[?]] know anything about animal law," what does it say about Lewis & Clark, whose Animal Law LLM website has pictures of a puppy and a kitten on top of a law book?

Keep it goin', L&C. There's whales and baby seals that need a-savin'.

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