Friday, May 31, 2013

Wash U. Grad Proves Anew That You're All Losers.

See, kids, the legal education system works.

As proof, I give you this recent Wash. U. graduate:

The roots that brought Kevin Fritz to law school in St. Louis were planted in a kid who wouldn’t allow the congenital spinal muscular atrophy — a form of muscular dystrophy — that placed him in a wheelchair from birth to squelch his thirst for knowledge.
“I cannot take care of myself physically, but I can coordinate everything — that’s independence,” he said. “I have great management skills.”

Inspired by what he encountered at Illinois [in undergrad], Fritz decided to take advocacy for the disabled to the next step by applying to law school.

“If I fight for everything in my life why not get paid for it?” he reasoned.

Yeah, why NOT get paid for it? Hear that, you douchebags interning for free after graduation? You slackers on mom's couch eating Doritos and Cheetos and Oreos in an elaborate scheme to get yourself fat and diabetic so you take even MORE of MY MONEY?

This story is legitimately awesome, a testament to a young man's drive and mental fortitude that he trekked through seven years of post-high school education despite lacking what most of us take for granted. It would have been easy to just give up, take disability payments, and whatnot. But he chose the path of effort, hard work and education and he deserves to be commended for that. Like for real.

And he's getting rewarded, too - with one of them job things that seem so foreign to the rest of you helpless waifs.

At Seyfarth Shaw, a prestigious Chicago law firm where he begins work in September, Fritz plans to represent defendants rather than plaintiffs seeking redress for acts of discrimination based on race, gender or disability.

“I have an opportunity to prevent discrimination and be proactive,” he said. “It’s an opportunity to tell an employer how to knock down barriers.”

See, kids? You keep saying "there are no jobs," but this guy with muscular dystrophy got a job at a major law firm in a different metro area - AND he's going to be telling their clients what's what when they've been sued for employment discrimination. Obviously, there's a strong hiring demand that they can't fill with local people.

Now look at you. You can dress yourself (probably), but you can't even get an interview at Joe Bob's Workman's Comp Shop.

Obviously, it's you.

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