Monday, May 13, 2013

Oh, The Places Lemmings Can Go: Drive-Thru Law Practice

Man works as prosecutor for seven years and then decides to hang a shingle doing criminal defense.Man looks for office space and buys (yes, buys, not rents)... a bank.

Look at the creativity that will get this man an adjunct position at St. Louis U. if he didn't already have one:

"We put the book shelves in above the above the teller counter. There's actually a drive through, and my plan is when I'm in court, I can have a support staff person here who will be able to talk to somebody behind the glass and set up an appointment. If there is an existing appointment, we'll have them come right in, but customers can drive through when I'm in court to make an appointment or receive a payment or give them an update on their case through the glass. If I'm here, they can come in and talk to me. We've converted the former ATM room to a drop box. We'll actually have it for traffic tickets that people can drop, or an application or request for retainer. Then, I can come in and call them and get started right away. So they can use the drop box 24-seven. We have a safe. Sometimes there's evidence that has to be locked up. I worked at a state's attorney's office where we had a safe, so I'm used to having a safe."

Ah, metro east St. Louis: drive by shootings AND drive by criminal defending. If there's one thing the thugs of East St. Louis need, it's to shout about their sexual assault case into a static-heavy mic. If only someone would come up with some sort of portable communication device that could allow people to set appointments more conveniently; until then, he's got the market for convenience covered. Clients will no doubt take you seriously running a law practice out of an abandoned bank.

Keep turning 'em out, law schools, and eventually we'l see even more market-changing innovations, like the law practice run out of a retrofitted McDonalds with one of those playground wings, or a law practice run out of a former dentists office with the chairs retained to "keep clients relaxed" or a law practice run out of a former bordello with a madam who answers the door for only the most exclusive and discreet gentlemen clients.

Remember, kids, this is a clear-cut winner of the game with three years remaining on the accelerated standard payment plan terms. Now he's starting a small business in one of the most competitive areas of private practice and he's doing it with a funky building concept more befitting of a fly-by-night operation.

What's the over/under on the number of days before bored cops on patrol roll through and try to order a cheeseburger and Coke?

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