Sunday, May 12, 2013

Graduation Scammin': Ave Maria Edition

Look at all the deliriously-happy people celebrating at the recent graduation for Ave Maria Law School, preferred law school of certain catholic saints and cheap pizza barons.

The dream continues, friends:

“I hope you have a better idea of who made you and why he made you,” [School/Dominoes Founder] Monaghan said. “For you mothers, ... you’re getting a special Mother’s Day, frankly.”

Oh, yes, happy mother's day: either you spent a ridiculous amount of money on one of America's most worthless law degrees, or your beloved snowflake is going to be on the hook for a loooooonnnnng time.

According to LST, Ave Maria has the worst employment score in Florida at a pathetic 33.7% and a projected cost of over $200,000. GLORIA PATRI HIS NAME BE PRAISED!

These people should be pissed. I mean sign-carrying, wailing, tearing down the walls pissed.

Instead, it's a testament to Dean Milhizer and company that these people are pleased.

Perhaps the loudest applause of the day was for 25-year-old Mukeni Nadine Ntumba, who is from the Democratic Republic of Congo....

“I’m going to practice international business or international law,” Ntumba said while her family cheered and chanted “Africa” in the background.

You can't make this shit up, folks.

And the hits don't stop with Ntumba. To whom else did the M&M Boys sell their Domino's-quality degrees?

This year's class included a 20-year-old woman and a man in his seventies.
[The 20-year old] says she went straight from middle school to college.

She plans to volunteer with Ameri-Corps now.

That's JD Advantage, right? Right?

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