Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Seton Hall Downsizing?

You can read the shocking tell-all from...wait for it... Scamblogger David Lat at Above the Law.

Last week, we heard reports of [Seton Hall] basically axing its entire junior faculty. 

I don't feel like quoting much more of the article, since, as a good elitist counter-revolutionary journalist, Lat wrote it with the force of a bubble bath. But I do have to give him major props for reaching out to our mentor, inspiration, and muse, the one, the only, the inimitable, Patrick Hobbs. Soundbite time!

Our first responsibility is to our students, past, present and future, to admit only those we believe can be successful attorneys, to provide them a first-rate education, and to manage our enrollment to ensure them the best opportunity to secure employment in the profession. We continue to focus on outcomes for our students, and Above The Law’s recent ranking of law schools affirms the success of these efforts.

When you stop laughing and/or crying in awe, remember that I TOLD YOU SO. The more rankings that the "critics" float out there, the more avenues for slickmeisters to claim superiority in one way or another. Hobbs 9184, Scambloggers 18.

At least those junior faculty members who might get kicked to the curb have the practical skills associated with a law professorship necessary to start and thrive in one's own practice.

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