Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Feel That, Cooley Grads? That's the Sixth Circuit Torching Your Asses

Appeal DENIED:

“From its start, this case, and others like it, has been nothing more than a misguided crusade, brought by lawyers who had to search for their clients on social media, to shift blame onto law schools for the difficulty of finding jobs in a recessionary economy,” Don LeDuc, Cooley’s president and dean, said in a statement.

If you were wondering whether Master LeDuc would still try to pin law graduates difficulties on the recession, you really need to go back to Commandment 4 in your Scammer's Bible: No Argument is Ever Discredited.

Meanwhile, we have to put up with this whiner:

Shawn Haff, a 39-year-old Grandville resident who was a plaintiff in the lawsuit, said he's disappointed with the outcome.

"I think it's outrageous," he said of the notion that he and other graduates shouldn't have put so much stock in Cooley's employment statistics. "Cooley allegedly takes great pride in ethics. In my opinion, they basically talk about ethics out of one side of their mouth and then basically just skimp by with whatever they can barely legally get by with."

Hear that? It's the violin this guy bought for $50,000 because someone told him it was a "Stradiveerius." Jesus, you got bilked. Grow up, get over it, and learn how to get quoted without using so many prepositions.

Grads, the message is clear: you were unreasonable for going to law school while relying on stats whose sole purpose is to trick you into going to law school. Purposefully cheating people isn't fraud when you can show how stupid the marks were. That's American law, you losers. Now get a job and pay your damned loans like good little consumers.

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