Saturday, August 3, 2013

TASK FORCE! Issues Earth-Shattering, Villain-Slaughtering Working Paper

Yes, boys and girls, our TASK FORCE is back in the news, joining the prestigious forces of judges, professors, and elite attorneys to form a group of SuperReformerFriends to save the system of legal education.

SOMEWHERE, in an OFFICE: the TASK FORCE has decided to strike a blow against tyranny by releasing a devastating WORKING PAPER that is sure to foil the plans of any new law school schemers.

Admire their work, mere citizens:

In the United States, a law school is an institution that provides a legal education program to train lawyers.


Although criticism of legal education ha been beneficial, some has been erroneous or misleading. This may result in part from the complexity of both legal education and the current problem...It may also reflect the fact that both lawyers and professors have always been targets for criticism, and that some people are willing to believe the worst about them.
Moralizing and blaming are not productive. What is needed is a dispassionate and pragmatic examination of the current situation that begins with a presumption of good faith on the part of all participants. This will enable those in the legal education system to collaboratively articulate credible goals and strategies.

TASK FORCE! Don't worry, kids, the real reformers are here. All that scamblogging? They didn't have "credible goals." Now that the ABA TASK FORCE is here, we're getting serious. And getting serious means holding no one blameworthy for the massive amount of wealth-shifting that's occurred in the last decade.

I am in awe at how weak and non-responsive this working paper is. It's truly a piece of artwork that could only be created by getting the perfect blend of self-interests to create an incredibly bland, weak, milquetoast veiled protection of the status quo. On page 17, they basically disclaim the scamblogs by claiming criticisms of good faith came from within the legal education system, even though such criticisms amount to probably 2% of total attacks. And the ones that have come are "fragmented." Tamanaha's book is "fragmented?" This is hilarious in its ivory tower bravado.

They actually get to specific, targeted recommendations on page 30 (of 34...only in academia), and even then they read more like possibilities or suggestions. And they miss quite a few, likely by design, which, if I were a scamming law school dean, I would certainly say "oh, no problem there!"

If you want to see an excellent example of taking 34 pages to say absolutely nothing helpful under the guise of meaningful reform, look no further than this paper. 

The TASK FORCE does its job, friends. The system shall go on, and on, and on.

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