Thursday, August 15, 2013

Chapman Law School is Going Green

Chapman University has won the lottery.

“This is one of the greatest gifts to any law school in the history of the United States," said Tom Campbell, dean of the law school. "Our best research has determined that this is the second largest reported single gift to an American law school. For our law school, it is the most definitive statement possible that we are here to stay and to prosper.

Look, these people are obviously virtuous and smart, as no one who has 50 million to donate can be a dumbass who has more money than brain cells, and they're going out of their way to keep this fine law school (est. 1995) pumping out public servants for many years to come.

Because if there's one sector in America right now that needs gratuitous financial support, it's America's private lower-tier law schools. Not cancer research, not the arts, not starving children in Appalachia, not endangered species of the Mojave, not our roads and bridges, or a million other things. Private lower-tier law schools.

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