Saturday, August 10, 2013

This Week in Smart State Governments

1. South Carolina

God, is there a better state in the union than South Carolina? These people put a palmetto tree on their state flag! You think they were going to stand by and let Infilaw reap amazing profits at Charleston School of Law?

Oh no, they're buying in. A state lawmaker is trying to get the Charleston School of Law to merge with the College of Charleston to stave off a sale to Infilaw and protect the integrity of CSOL degrees. Basically, we now have a state legislator fighting a for-profit business for a low-ranked law school.

And you idiots think this industry is dying?

2. Texas

If the ABA is good at anything, it's good at giving close scrutiny to all matters requiring the rubberiest of rubber stamps. Well, they approved Texas A&M's purchase/merger/whatever of Texas Wesleyan. So Texas is - still - buying into the fourth-tier legal education model. Again, why aren't you?

3. California

California decided to accredit this place. I'm astonished that we haven't seen more ABA-approved schools take on bar passage rates. Everyone knows that law school isn't for practicing law; it's for thinking like the archetypal person who practiced law in an American fairy tale. Theoretically, a law school could have a bar passage rate of 0% and still be the best law school in the country as long as its students learned how to think. After all, with their JD in their hand like Thor's mighty hammer they can be a force for good in the universe and get all sorts of jobs.

Law school is not a bar passage course. It's a place for intellectual development of the highest order. If you want a bar exam prep course, sign up for BarBri. If you want a law school, enroll in Southern California Institute of Law. I have no doubt that the recent graduates of SCIL will show each and every one of the school's "publish your bar rate" Inquisitors just how silly bar passage rates are in evaluating the quality of a law school.

Well, it's Saturday afternoon, meaning I'm sprucing up and putting a shine on my Mustang/Camaro (yeah, it's BOTH) to hit the town. There's a lot of ladies out there, and if I get lucky, we'll all have breakfast together tomorrow morning. If I get REALLY REALLY lucky, they'll wake up Monday morning and head to law school orientation. From the ladies' point of view, the latter is surely preferable. 

A night with me is the most amazing night of a woman's life, but a trip to law school is the most amazing THREE DAMN YEARS of a woman's life. 

Plus, law school will make you a fortune, while sleeping with me will only make as much as the tabloid is willing to pay for the story. 

Also, a night with me may impregnate you with a baby or two. A trip to law school will impregnate you with the POWER of LAW.

I'm pretty sure I could keep going with those...

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