Thursday, August 22, 2013

Peter Alexander is God

I know I just made an entry - go read it if you appreciate some smooth scammin' from the west coast feed - but holy soda water, read this magnum opus from Indiana Tech Czar Peter Alexander:

There are people in the blogosphere who are vicious with their comments. It allows them to be anonymous and it shows the darker side of our profession. I use them as Exhibit A for the need for more professionalism and ethics training. There’s no doubt that it’s hurtful to read things that suggest the faculty members are just trying to steal student’s money and that the school has no soul. In one case, we had a blogger who took off after one of our students and commented about the student for making this choice. You just have to have a thick skin because, unfortunately, there are people out there who do not have all the facts and have not done their homework but have very strong opinions.

Obviously, the school has a soul, and it's black as a bat wearing a catwoman suit in a coal mine. 

Exhibit A - holy shit, it's like he's writing a fucking motion or something, like a real-life practicing lawyer!

Let this be a lesson to those anonymous critics, like "Paul Ogden" or "Charles Cooper" or "Matt Leichter" or "Paul Campos" or "Elie Mystal." Obviously, these anonymous, unprofessional, unethical swine are factless blowhards with unreasonably strong opinions.

So do your homework, assbags, and stop hurting the Dean's feelings.

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