Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Stephen Sheppard and the Balls of Law

Ladies and Gents, Arkansas dean/prof Stephen Sheppard:

“I reject the premise that American law students are too stupid to know the cost of their degree,” he says....

"The idea that we must have jobs for our students is not only a mistake, it’s a dangerous mistake."

Criticism of legal education has become a “self-fulfilling prophecy,” scaring away prospective law students even though they could find good jobs as attorneys, he says.

I can't bring myself to watch the video for fear that my testicles will explode from the ridiculous orgasm that would ensue. I'm pretty sure Sheppard has made a bid to join the all-in, fully-dressed, balls-to-the-wall post-Matasarians like Larry Mitchell and Steve Diamond.

But he does have a good idea in addition to his brass. Self-fulfilling prophecy must be really powerful if it can cut law school enrollment in half when its still a great deal.

I'd like to hearby announce that the following are overrated scams that no one should be involved with because you will wind up miserable and broke:

-plane tickets to Rio
-Manhattan real estate
-big tit blondes
-plastic surgery degrees
-the iPhone du jour
-human organs
-live pandas
-Old Master artwork

Seriously, these things will only bring you misery and debt. Sell sell sell.

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