Saturday, July 6, 2013

Best Law School in Sacramento Shrinking

Yes, kids, McGeorge is down in faculty to match its cozier size:

The Sacramento Bee contacted [spokesperson] Daniels early today after receiving an e-mail tip of a "round of involuntary staff layoffs" at McGeorge this week.
Daniels subsequently said in an email that "the number of layoffs was very small and the majority of reductions were voluntary."

"Voluntary" in this context probably means roughly the same as when law graduates "choose" to display the versatility of the degree by working in sanitation engineering and temporary transportation management.

In case you were wondering how exactly this went down:

"The school first offered a voluntary severance plan to all staff members. This week it was necessary to lay off several staff members...."

In case you're a staffer at an American law school, tell me put this in plain English: you're as disposable as the graduates you've run through the system, so prep your resumes, because you're going to be the first thrown off the boat. It's been fun, we've made a lot of money together, but it's time to shave to preserve the lucre for who really matters.

I'm now eagerly awaiting the whiny scamblog devoted solely towards displaced staffing. But while I'm on topic, let me shame the scambloggers again: this is a great American law school that fuels the lucrative legal services market in Sacramento. Your actions have exacerbated the effects of a once-in-a-lifetime economic crash and now the state capital of our largest state will be starving for attorneys in just a few years.

What will California do without attorneys in its state capital?

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