Saturday, June 29, 2013

ABA Task Force Updates

What do you when YOU have a problem? TASK FORCE!

Legal education's version of the SuperFriends met again last week, for the final time prior to their initial recommendations being released that will shock and change the world.


Task Force chair Randall T. Shepard, retired chief justice of the Indiana Supreme Court, said after Monday's meeting that the discussion reflected an "earnest concern" among task force members over the rising costs of a legal education....

So they're going to recommend an affirmative duty to lower costs and tell law schools to slash payroll and stop building cathedrals to student debt? Right?


But there appears be no consensus as to what, if anything, the task force can say or do that would help control the costs of a legal education or lessen the impact that U.S. News and World Report's annual law school rankings have had on law school admissions and the broader legal culture.

That maleficent US News, always foiling our heroes' plans!


"I think the task force recognizes that there are things that bar associations, bar admission bodies, state supreme courts and others can do that might improve graduate readiness and address some of these cost issues," he said.

Individually, they can only deflect responsibility so far, but combine their forces into a team of shoulder-shrugging, and you're going to wind up with one lackluster report. I can't wait. The level of dodging in the final copy is looking to be epic. There's so many other people they could blame, it'd be way too revolutionary to not engage in issue deflection.


They also want the task force to be bold and innovative in its proposed solutions.

I'm failing to understand what is "bold and innovative" about saying "cut salary costs and make it more practical." But I'm on the edge of my seat awaiting to be amazed.

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