Monday, June 17, 2013

Fort Wayne Journal Gazette Continues Defense of Indiana Tech

Almost two years ago, the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette published this article, which gave a voice to Indiana Tech executives to fight back against the onslaught of negative criticism the school faced from pretty much anyone who had nothing to do with Indiana Tech.

Today, they again gave space to Indiana Tech, this time with Dean Peter Alexander:

He is adamant: It’s not about the number of job openings versus the number of law school graduates. It’s about the quality of the law school graduate.

And Indiana Tech’s new law school will turn out high-quality graduates, making them necessities in any market, he said.

All you "economists" and "statisticians" regularly miss the point in the middle of all your suckage. Indiana Tech is going to use things like "externships" to give graduates practical experience that they simply don't get at schools like Valparaiso or Indiana-Indianapolis. They're going to come out rip-roarin' and ready-to-file, meaning they'll be competitive for all the paralegal positions that JDs normally get passed over for, dramatically expanding the "JD preferred" opportunity base.

You people who say "too many lawyers" are dopes. We don't have too many lawyers. We have too FEW good lawyers. Since Indiana Tech will obviously make good lawyers, they're good, just like every other law school in the country.

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