Monday, June 10, 2013

Law Degrees: They're Versatile!

Don't believe me? Just ask this Steven Hinckley, Assoc. Dean in charge of the library at Penn State.

Those who earn J.D. degrees have had their intellectual abilities honed by outstanding educators and are tested in the company of some of our nation’s brightest students, he adds, “and they emerge with a variety of skills that are highly valued in our society both within, and outside, the law practice environment.”

As a result, notes Hinckley, law graduates are actively employed in politics and government, higher education and continuing education, business, alternate dispute resolution, publishing and research, law enforcement, communications, and the arts.

Look, bums, we've tried telling you this before, but people really do want your skill-set in their office. But you've all been so lazy, you insist that there should be an LA Law job waiting for you. Well, now Dean Hinckley has even given your lazy asses a list of search terms for your next CareerBuilder scan. Now go get yourselves one of them arts and communications jobs!

“Unrealistic expectations of instant and immediate financial success have caused some law graduates to lose sight of the fundamental versatility and value of their law degrees.”

Can you feel the rightness burning through your sinful soul? Because you're less employable, you've lost track of how employable the degree makes you.

As to prospective law students’ concerns abut (sic) getting a good ROI, Hinckley is quick to point out that the tuition you pay should be seen as an investment in a stimulating and fulfilling lifelong career, not simply one’s first job. 

BUY BUY BUY. Non-discounted tuition is at $38614. It's only going to go up from here, so you should BUY NOW. It's versatile and everything! Because we say so!

Also, gang, did you know that door-to-door law school solicitations violate city ordinances in some backwards parts of our fine country? On a related note, how would one of you unemployed graduates like some good pro bono experience?

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