Wednesday, June 26, 2013

News Bits

Well, I'm back. Have been working on a side project that will hopefully get up sometime soon.

In any event, scammers and scamees, the ABA is ruffling feathers with the diversity folks:

A proposal to tighten the American Bar Association's bar passage requirement for law schools hasn't gone over well with some advocates for diversity in the legal profession.

To sum up, the ABA wants to raise the bar passage rate by 5 points. RACISTS they are, as it will make schools more hesitant to bring on applicants with low admission scores and low GPAs.

This is tenuous reasoning for several reasons, BUT, it goes to show all of you ignored idiots that if you want to get heard on an issue, the key is to accuse them of being RACIST. Because no one cared when the ABA accreditation standards were flooding the streets with an excess supply of lawyers while administrators and professors used the public serving legal education system to pay their mortgages in the exurbs, but the second you change the standards to dissuade schools from taking a chance on the 135 LSAT with a non-white ethnicity box checked it's "Oh the Humanity!"

In other news, JMLS is being showcased for its resplendent downtown Chicago interior design taste!

A major renovation project at The John Marshall Law School in Chicago has been selected for inclusion in the 2013 American School and University Educational Interiors Showcase, a premier competition honoring interiors excellence.

Go student loan money, go!

Oh, and you remember that whole issue in Texas with Larry Sager and the forgivable 500k loan to himself? Thoughts of defamation lawsuit!

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