Thursday, June 6, 2013

Now Law Professors Are Whining to Court

It was bad enough when the students were filing lawsuits alleging ridiculous claims against noble and just schools of law (again, we're LAW schools - we KNOW how to follow the LAW).

Now bitter ex-Professors are following suit (pun intended). Live, from Phoenix:

"Defendants have repeatedly violated ABA Standards 404 and 405 by threatening to and expelling professors, such as Professors O'Connor and Rumann, who challenge Defendants' actions with respect to students, curriculum, and faculty governance and have questioned whether the actions were in the interests of students and faculty and based on sound education objectives or driven by economic interests," the complaint reads.
During 2011, Phoenix unveiled two proposals for dealing with students and faculty dubbed "Legal Ed. 2.0." That program "resulted from Defendants' belief that they needed to ‘rebrand' the school and ‘build a better mousetrap' to prevent the school's students from transferring to more highly ranked law schools."
Additionally, administrators discussed refusing to write recommendation letters for transfer students; reordering mandatory first-year classes to render them incompatible with other law schools; and adopting a pass/fail grading system for 1Ls to prevent competitors identifying top students, the complaint alleges.

The Professors were allegedly fired for voicing opposition to these fine programs.

Whine. Whine whine whine whine whine. Whine.

You knew what you were getting into. You knew when you signed up with Phoenix that it was a for-profit investment scheme designed to transfer student loan money from greedy law students to greedy education profiteers. Anyone could have told you that working at Phoenix School of Law was a bad proposition and that you should have expected them to speak openly about trapping transferable students like women who try to get pregnant by NBA stars to get checks for the next 18 years.

Have you two tried networking? Have you gone to job fairs? Have you printed off your resumes and gone door to door? How many law professor applications have you sent out? Have you asked for temporary overflow professor work? I bet you're not out there hustling, but are instead sitting on the couch in Mom's basement, because obviously this complaint is REALLY about your unemployment and your inability to cope with it or your own sloth.

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