Friday, March 1, 2013

Just like the tobacco industry, we get 'em young

You remember how everyone in the early 90s was peeved because Joe Camel was obviously a cartoon character designed to get every 9 year old in the country hooked on tobacky?

Law schools do something similar. They call it high school civics.

Ha - I digress - but seriously, schools do use high school mock trial/debate/etc. to get people hooked on the special snowflake drug early. Don't take my word for it, let's go to North Dakota:

It is never too early to begin searching for potential law students and the University of School at Dakota School of Law.

The Law School will hold its Discover Law Day Feb. 27 on the campus of USD.


Law professor Thomas Horton said recruiting processes like Discover Law Day have been beneficial for both the law school and prospective students.

"We found that here at the law school that bringing in high school students and such and showing them things like mock trial practice gets them really excited about becoming a law student," said Horton.

Horton said that excitement then fosters keeping in contact with students throughout their collegiate career.

"It is very important to keep that contact for the law school," Horton said. "It is also beneficial for the students."

LOL at "it is also beneficial for the students" coming out at the end without any explanation. I can imagine him giving the interview, thinking of all the lemmings sitting there imagining themselves as the next great trial attorney, only to realize he'd better say something about the benefit of telling young kids that a crappy job with very limited economic future is ****ing awesome.

Heck, I'm amazed law schools haven't used Joe Camel, Law Professor yet.

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