Saturday, March 9, 2013

Ellen Pryor, UNT Dallas, Ka-Boom!

We reported recently that south Texas may be getting a new school. Well, the civilized folk in the north already build up a new one at UNT Dallas. Their new associate dean of academic affairs (is an academic affair where a married law professor fucks his students over?) sat down with the Dallas Morning News to discuss how their effort to scam even more lemmings will benefit literally everyone:

[question] In that Journal piece, you were quoted as saying, “The fact that the nationwide numbers are down doesn’t dishearten us from thinking we’ll get really good students and fulfill our mission.” How do you define that mission?

[answer] I'm glad you asked. Our mission has several parts:

First: Widen access to legal education for those who could be superb lawyers but who do not have realistic access to a legal education, given reasons of cost, location and the dominance of the LSAT in admissions and financial aid.

Second: Provide an education that is second to none in developing practice-related competencies...

Third: [] Create opportunity by keeping tuition and debt low...

Fourth: Be a vital partner to the legal profession and the community through ongoing study of and dialogue about law and the profession.

Yeah, you blockhead critics aren't considering that there are a whole army of people in north-central Texas yearning to go to law school but who lack the LSAT scores to get into Texas Wesleyan, Baylor, or Southern Methodist. Not everyone can travel miles and miles to study at Texas Tech, South Texas, Texas Southern, Houston, St. Mary's, or Texas-Austin.

Jesus, how elitist can you people get? Not everyone in Dallas can get the 149 on the LSAT you need to get into Wesleyan. And if Houston has 3 schools, clearly Dallas needs 3 schools.

And none of those other nine schools are even trying to teach practice competencies. South Texas is too busy relying on the BigLaw gravy train brought in my oil and energy money.

So THANK YOU Dean Pryor, for eloquently explaining why there's a clear need to set up another law school in Texas to fully tap out the market for lemmings. One in Dallas, one in the Rio Grande Valley, and frankly they need to put one in El Paso for good measure. THE REPUBLIC OF TEXAS WILL RISE AGAIN WITH AN ARMY OF LEGAL STAFFERS. You people trying to stop north-east-central Texans from having an affordable opportunity to become a lawyer in their own backyard should be ashamed of yourselves. What's your self-interest in this? Want to keep rates for Dallas lawyers absurdly high?

I like opportunity and the American dream, not telling the 140 LSAT to go be a plumber, thank you very much.

Mic dropped. Crisis solved. Enjoy your weekends.

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