Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Shame on you, Illinois!

The Illinois State Bar Association knows all about the scam, as the state houses not one, not two, but NINE law schools for a declining population base.

Yet the ISBA still finds it necessary to release a report stating that the current legal education system causes many "threats" to professionalism.

Well, no shit, Mr. Holmes! No one in this profession has given a shit about professionalism since the Nixon administration. It's all about the cash now. Want it in different grammatical forms? Okay!

Simple past: No one gave a shit.
Past Perfect: No one had given a shit.
Past Cont.: No one was giving a shit.
Past Perfect Cont.: No one had been giving a shit.

Next time, we'll do it in Latin!

And besides, even if the Illinois State Bar is correct in this super-cool report, would you rather listen to the prestigious scholars who run our nation's law schools, or the ramblings of a state with an F- credit rating and a governor's wing in its prison?!

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