Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Viva la Escuela Nueva!

That's right, amigos, the Texas legislature is looking at plopping down another law school in the Rio Grande valley!

From the Daily Texan:

The proposed law school would cost the state more than $80 million during a five year period for construction costs, hiring faculty and operations.
Lucio said the region has one of the lowest lawyer-to-resident ratios in Texas.

Cameron County has one lawyer for every 768 residents, and Hidalgo County has one lawyer for every 832 residents, according to a study of attorney population density for 2011-2012 gathered by the State Bar of Texas. 

Thank goodness SOMEONE finally recognized that the poor people of southern Texas are being incredibly underserved, which basically means that there's possible LemmingMoney that the law school cartel is leaving on the table. We can't let that happen, now, can we?

This scam is like osmosis - it moves to where there's a need for mo' lawyers and mo' cash (to LawProfs!)

But despite being a Hero de la Scam, I do have to take "Mando" to task on one small point:

State Rep. Armando “Mando” Martinez, D-Weslaco, filed a separate bill to establish a law school in the Valley and said residents may not have the financial means to move elsewhere to attend law school even if they are qualified to attend.

Tsk tsk tsk - that's why FEDERAL LOANS are for! And with IBR, repayment is easier than evah...

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