Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tom Keefe: Nice Knowing You!

Hey, so remember when St. Louis U. hired a real, practicing attorney to run its law school. BIG OOPS. I mean, they should have known what they were in for when the guy admitted he wanted this law school:

I fully expect that out of this seeming chaos we face today this school will emerge stronger, better and perfectly situated in the heart of the action where lawyers lawyer and judges judge.

Christ on a Cracker, SLU. Where's the scholarship?!

Seriously, everyone in this industry knows that lawyers have de minimus practical, transferable job skills, and so instead of hiring a Prestigious Lifetime Academic, who left the law as quickly as possible to actually do something productive (i.e., lemming harvesting) with his life, they hired a bozo lawyer.

I guarantee you, the Lord did not give you that advice.

Anyway, Keefe is out, which he claims was by his own choice, because he's too "outspoken."

In translation, that means he said things too bluntly, and that the law faculty didn't want to hear. Gee, I'm shocked that one didn't work out.

Now how about you hire a REAL law dean, I'm thinking HYS/clerkship/BigLaw/LawProf in the span of 5 years. DO IT.

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