Tuesday, March 5, 2013

ABA On The Prowl, Law School Transparency Wrong Again

From the National Law Journal, we have more baseless whining from the ingrates at LST:

Law School Transparency, formed in 2009 by two then-Vanderbilt law students, examined postgraduate employment data posted on the websites of all 199 ABA-accredited law schools. It concluded that close to half haven't met the expectations set by Standard 509, the ABA's tougher reporting requirements.
"There has been much ado about the improved accreditation standards, but the improvements are meaningless without compliance and enforcement," the organization wrote. 

Oh, Christ, as if the ABA just sits around and lets schools mislead the public. Puh-leaze. This is a prestigious organization of professionals we're talking about here, if they have a policing role over the people who keep them in business and power and make cash cash cash in the process, they're going to take it seriously.

Enter the ABA's Esteemed Ombudsman:

"One cannot assume, by the absence of public information, that nothing is going on," Currier said. He noted that any ABA probe of a law school must remain confidential unless the school chooses to disclose it. 

Allow me to translate for the dopey lemmings out there: "You have no reason to trust me on this given the past 20 years, but we're doing stuff, honest Mr. Wilson, it's going to happen."

God, I love my job.

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