Thursday, February 28, 2013

Rutgers-1 and Rutgers-2 to Combine Forces to make Rutgers-Awesome

Remember Captain Planet, when the kids with the rings combined forces to have the guy show up and save the environment?

Well, Rutgers-Camden and Rutgers-Whatever are apparently joining up to fight the forces of evil and keep recycling lemmings together.

As long as the Valvoline Dean and Seton Hall are still getting theirs and Rutgers doesn't actually lay anybody off, I don't care. If anything, it might help boost the prestige of The State University of New Jersey to have one unified law school. I don't even remember which Rutgers it was that Paul Campos exposed as committing fraud of some silly, negligible kind and Kyle McEntee filed one of his bitchy little schoolgirl complaints against. Of course, one must ask why they ever had two law schools to begin with, but the important thing is that everyone remains well-fed and that they keep spitting out toileteers to represent every indigent person in the garden state, and there's a lot of them.

The dean of Rutgers-Newark seemed to imply that faculty cuts would not happen and that cost savings will be in areas that won't really save a dime:

A merger could provide cost savings such as by eliminating redundancies in library holdings or journal subscriptions. Pooled resources could lower tuitions or increase scholarship funding, said John J. Farmer Jr., dean of Rutgers School of Law–Newark.

Thank god. There's no way this unified school could dare function without two Law and Cardboard teachers!

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