Thursday, February 28, 2013

VICTORY! Goodbye, Paul Campos

For those who still haven't heard the last faint cries of death of the scamblog movement, Paul Campos has QUIT Inside the Law School Scam. He was the most notable detractor from our efforts to indenture every liberal arts graduate with easy-peasy federal debt that helps us buy caviar, but now he has realized the futility of his ways and retreated back into the relative obscure silence of academia.

Paul, at next year's convention, no lobster for you. You've been a very bad boy these last two years, making it easy as possible for lemmings to find a reason to say no to the ever-versatile (snicker) law degree. But we'll welcome you back to the club, guy.

Now someone just has to get Brian Tamanaha to stop acting so damn intellectually superior. 

A high-five again to UberThug a/k/a Brian Leiter for his efforts at discrediting the Colorado Bozo, andthe happy little barn elf is dancing at his foe's slaughtered corpse. A ditty in his honor, h/t to the Barenaked Ladies:

"Brian Leiter"
Surfed the internet plain
Nine-thirty on a tuesday night, 
Just to check out the late-night 
Call it impulsive 
Call it compulsive, 
Call it insane; 
But when I'm indebted
I just can't 

It's a matter of instinct 
It's a matter of conditioning 
It's a matter of fact. 

You can call me Pavlov's 
Ring a bell and I'll enroll - 
How'd you like that? 
Mr. Campos, I believe
He's a worthless demagogue

'cause right now I'm 
Callin' him out
Just like Brian Leiter did 
Well I am 
Callin' him out 
Just like Brian Leiter did.

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