Saturday, February 23, 2013

Why New Rankings Kick Ass

So, you know how the National Jurist had these new rankings come out, and it turned out that the rankings were, well:

in academic speak: unreliable/lacking sound methodology
in common sense speak: horseshit


Well, it turns out that doesn't stop our nation's Finest Academic Institutions from citing them in marketing material. Cue the Norman (Ok.) Transcript:

The University of Oklahoma College of Law has been recognized in the top 15 percent of “Best Law Schools” in the nation by National Jurist magazine.

“We are extremely proud of this recent report naming OU as one of the nation’s premier law schools based on the objective criteria used in the study,” said OU President David Boren. 

Date of the article? February 23, long after it became an open secret that the rankings were bogus and not based on objective criteria.

But will the lemmings dig deeper and look under the hood? Nope, daddy-o, they're not critical thinkers yet; they're merely out to find belief reinforcement and seek out reasons to actually attend a dump like OU. They seek and they shall find. Any belief OU and its peers have in the pursuit of truth goes flying out the window faster than a gentleman's belongings when The Wife discovers The Truth. Thankfully, The Lemmings don't find out The Truth until the checks have been cashed as it's "CAVEAT EMPTOR!"

Bottom line, the more "objective" rankings, the better for the scammers, as they can cherry pick which ones they trumpet, knowing students are too dumb to go poking around.

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