Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Turncoat Tenured Law Prof Sues SuperDean Larry Mitchell

If you'll recall, Larry Mitchell is the patriotic hero who boldly announced the following in the Fall of 2012:
I’M a law dean, and I’m proud. And I think it’s time to stop the nonsense. After two years of almost relentless attacks on law schools, a bit of perspective would be nice. 
For at least two years, the popular press, bloggers and a few sensationalist law professors have turned American law schools into the new investment banks. We entice bright young students into our academic clutches. Succubus-like, when we’ve taken what we want from them, we return them to the mean and barren streets to fend for themselves.
And Mighty Thor Struck With Mjolnir!!!  And Look How the Nonsense Has Ceased!!!

You, I, and everyone else with a oxygenated blood knows what Mitchell was doing, which was - to sum it up modestly - trying to save the motherfucking universe.

Now for something completely different:  he and Case have been sued for retaliation for someone reporting sexual harassment against Mitchell by a turncoat ungrateful LawProf.  Move Raymond Ku to the Campos File.  The Cleveland Plain-Dealer has the Complaint:
24.  ...From the time Mitchell became dean, he made comments to Professor Ku regarding his Chinese heritage.  Upon hearing that Professor Ku was about to convert to Judaism, Dean Mitchell remarked that now Professor Ku was in two of Dean Mitchell's favorite groups, Asian and Jewish.  Dean Mitchell asked Professor Ku about being circumcised...25.  On or about August 28, 2011, Dean Mitchell hosted an event for faculty and staff of the law school at his new home...26.  Dean Mitchell consumed numerous alcoholic beverages...27.  ...Professor Ku observed Dean Mitchell run his hand up the back of [female staff member]...and found it to be sexually inappropriate as well as unnerving and creepy.
Professor Ku then decides to be a tattle-tale and report this and other indiscretions based on university policies.   The suggested course of action he's given?  Meet with God, of course:
39.  Dean Mitchell accused Professor Ku of being "disloyal" and breaching Dean Mitchell's trust by reporting his behavior to Provost Bacslack.  Dean Mitchell stated that he viewed Professor Ku's reporting as "betrayal" and a "breach of trust" and questioned whether Ku could continue to work as associate dean.
How dare he!  The basic result - this thing runs 29 pages, okay? - is that Dean Mitchell allegedly retaliated by forcing Professor Ku to show up to work five days a week (paragraph 55) along with other retaliating threats and actions, the university tried to cover it up, blah blah blah.

I may have gotten bored with it, but you know it's well done, as Ku hired a Yale law grad to represent him.

Also, Exhibit 3 is a flier ostensibly passed out at some event that lambasts Dean Mitchell's attitude towards women, like:
Dean Mitchell, what does it say about your attitude toward female students that you joked to Case faculty members that the Case graduate student you were having an affair with, "wasn't good for anything but keeping the bed warm"?
Just because that woman was worthless doesn't mean the rest are worthless.  Some women are only good for a few things.  Others are not.  That's called "diversity" and it's a good thing.

So, uh, I guess it's chest-thumping red-blooded LawDean vs. entitled prestigious diversity LawProf.

In case you are living in a cave, let me tell you how this ends:  Mitchell and the school win.

Face it:  Larry Mitchell is the head of a private third-tier law school.  His unofficial job description is to create a smoke and mirrors operation that gets as much student loan money as possible before the lemmings wake up.  And then he bragged about it to the New York Times.  Do you think a sexual harassment allegation is going to phase this battle-scarred motherfucker?  You think Case, an institution in the joint venture of flooding Ohio with indebted attorneys, gives a shit?

Kids, I'm like 45-1 in predicting the result of lawsuits based on which side the law school is on.  Bet on the house.  The house always wins.  Just like a Succubus.


  1. The school will win this suit. After all, the chief pig only retaliated by making the "professor" show up to "work" five days a week. I recognize that most academic parasites see this as the equivalent of torture, but they are in the minority view on that front.

    1. To be fair, Ku alleged more than that, but it's hard not seeing him as a bit of a whiner.

      He wasn't considered for a special professorship. He had his deanship threatened. His raise wasn't as big as it should have been.

      Rich people suing for rich people problems is hard to garner sympathy.

    2. And you can bet that Case Western is going to hire H/Y/S graduates for its defense. Consideration of Case Western graduates is not required by the current Scamdean Code of Ethics.


  3. That's a great case, by the way. Great reporting.

  4. "Damn those attention-seeking professors!! If it weren't for Campos and Tamanaha, I'd see hundreds of hot chicks at orientation. What happened to the chicks?"

  5. Now they are infighting.

    The Gravy Train is coming off the tracks and they are beginning to fight amongst themselves. Excellent.