Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I Went Back to Ohio, But My Law School Was Gone

Traffic for this space was up some 20% over the last few days because some grateful, law school-supporting soul decided to spread the word on something called "top law schools."*  I find such a phrase redundant; they're all at the top.

Unfortunately, law school traffic in Ohio is down considerably.  The numbers (OSU is down 20+% in application volume.) are depressing as hell, so let's award prizes for the best DeanSpeak(c).

Here's the silver medal:
“They’re coming in with their eyes open, and that makes them more serious about their studies and passionate about potential jobs,” said Daniel Steinbock, dean of the University of Toledo College of Law.
Yeah, because you 2008 graduates weren't passionate enough about finding gainful employment.  Shame on you all!

But the winner is this delightful presentation:
Worried about attracting too many under-qualified students, Cleveland State cut the target for its entering class from a high of 203 in 2009 to 140 this year, Boise said. 
To offset the loss of revenue, Cleveland State cut $800,000 from its budget last year, partly through attrition. And it expects to slash $750,000 more over the next two years. 
The school also raised tuition 9.5 percent this year...
Thank God.  For a second, I was worried Cleveland-Marshall was going to have a respectably-sized, fairly-priced law school for a city that probably actually needs it.  Phew, that was close.  Oh, and thanks to Dean Boise for keeping all those under-qualified students away from the hallowed halls of low 150 LSATs.  This time-tested business strategy of jacking prices while downsizing because of unhappiness with the customer pool should end well.

Folks, at some point you have to take responsibility for your own actions.  Your revealing of the truth regarding law school has caused significant alterations to the fiber of the learned profession.  Schools are no longer sure if they should take as many suckers as possible, or feign prestige, or increase tuition to balance costs, or decrease tuition to attract customers.  This confusion is all your fault, and you will pay for your selfishness through higher attorney prices and a throng of unrepresented people clamoring for sweet, sweet justice.


  1. I love seeing these cockroaches scatter once we put the spotlight on their asses. Steinbock is a common academic pig. These ass-hats claim that each ENTERING CLASS of students is filled with intelligent, discerning people. Yet when that cohort nears or hits graduation - and MANY of those people who were intelligent and cautious as first year pupils - suddenly find themselves classified as "lazy, entitled brats who expect the world to be handed to them."

    It's funny how that happens, huh?!?!

  2. It's a sign of the times when lol skools start being concerned about the "quality" of their applicants. Like they actually cared prior.

  3. A law school's reputation properly hinges on the quality of kid it scams.

  4. Its not that Toledo College of Law is becoming less popular with law school applicants. Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. No, its just that the appeal of Toledo College of Law is becoming more selective.

  5. So why didn't they cut spending by $800,000 back when they had 200 students? And then cut tuition?

  6. Major congrats on your increased traffic this week. You run good stories once every three days or so, some of them unique within the reform movement. You deserve to be heard.