Friday, October 25, 2013

Nation's Second-Best Law School Fighting for Truth

Remember that New York firm that brought all those silly lawsuits?  They're still fighting The Mighty Thom Cooley!  Apparently, Kurzon Strauss (or whatever the leftover firm is now called) is trying to get documents that Cooley filed under seal made public.
Jim Thelen, Cooley’s Associate Dean for Legal Affairs and General Counsel, said the Lansing-based law school objects to the motion to unseal the court records, and accused Kurzon Strauss of attempting to litigate “in the court of public opinion.”
Because if there's one place a law school should never have to litigate, it's in the court of public opinion.
“The bottom line is if he wants to continue contesting whether there was defamation or not, we’re going to have an appeal,” he said, referencing the law firm. “He’ll have a chance to bring those issues to the court.”
For those of you keeping score at home, Cooley sued Kurzon for defamation.  Kurzon won.  Cooley has vowed to appeal.  Now Cooley's general counsel is saying that if Kurzon wants to argue about whether defamation occurred or not, "we're" going to have to appeal.

If you cannot fully understand the logical soundness of that reasoning, you obviously went to a law school ranked much lower than number 2.
"And we continue to believe that if we had a hearing on the issue, we could establish that their statements that they made on the Internet and other places about us were false."
A hearing, a hearing, my kingdom for a hearing!  If only someone would listen to the largest law school in America!

Of course, Kurzon Strauss never did much more than repeat the court of public opinion's verdicts against Cooley, but when you're the nation's second-best law school, you have the privilege of making up your own damned law.


  1. If the "2nd best" law school in the land is facing this type of criticism, imagine the complaints facing the bottom 199 commodes.

    1. And Nando, once again, gets to the heart of the matter.

  2. Of course, that twisted pseudo-reasoning by TMC's attorney was intended to create a media circus out of thin air. I can assure them it's not going to work, either in outdoor courts or in big-boy courts with judges.