Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Boo and/or Hiss, Judge Jonker

If you'll recall, Cooley had to sue a blogger and a law firm to defend its honor.

Just in time for the federal shut-down, Judge Jonker shut down Cooley's claims.

See scambloggers?  That's proof positive that the judiciary is not biased towards the schools.  Of course, that doesn't change the fact that the decision is rid-to-the-iculus.  For example:
A public controversy exists concerning the value of a law degree.
p. 11.  Uh, no, there is no controversy.  A law degree is valuable, transformative, and enriching.  There is no controversy there.


  1. Here's an even stronger position:

    There's a huge open debate regarding government provision of student debt for graduate degrees of dubious worth.

    Not to mention the often negative worth of a JD degree.

  2. I don't know anything about Jonker except for this opinion, but I'm quite glad that he went a step further than the "protected hyperbole" logic and admitted that the claims about Cooley may actually be true.

    I have no idea why Cooley keeps fighting this. It is just making them look worse and worse each time it hits the news. Of course, most of their admissions pool doesn't read the news.

    1. For sure, that suit did nothing to increase their business or enhance their reputation. It was pure revenge by TMC. They wanted a huge judgment, meaning a huge debt owed by the defendants. Combine that with unending harassment to enforce payment, and the defendants are no better off than the average TMC grad.

      I'm overjoyed that their sadistic attempt to spread the misery didn't quite work out. I think Judge Jonker deserves some credit for caring about the First Amendment.