Sunday, April 14, 2013

Selfish 0Ls Cause Budget Cuts at Catholic U., Bond Downgrade at Albany

Remember the good ol' days, when the ABA allowed number fudging, recent scam victims kept their brilliant minds from analyzing or even talking about the scam, and 0Ls lined up like herded cattle to get their one-way ticket to the lower upper middle class?

Thanks to a bunch of nerdy, socialist muckruckers, those days are over. But what scam critics ignore is that the fresh herd of 0Ls carrying crispy, delicious student loan packages didn't just enrich greedy law deans and professors, it also fueled the bloated bureaucracy of entire universities.

Consider Catholic University, a university chartered by the ************* Pope. Now that 0Ls are selfishly deciding to avoid overpriced legal education, university deans are being asked to trim their operational budgets by 20%. Does the selfishness of the law student know no bounds? Not only did you full sticker payers cross-subsidize your scholarship-earning (yes, earning) peers, you were cross-subsidizing the music department.

Now undergraduates at Catholic shall bear the wrath of the 0L's disregard for others' well-being:

[T]he art department foresees having to reduce class offerings significantly in the coming school year....

[T]he media studies department expects to cut one class, advanced journalism....


At least you selfish bastards haven't crashed the golden Pope-mobile of Profits yet:

The law school is still profitable, there are just fewer revenues, said Victor Nakas, associate vice president for public affairs, in an official statement from the University.

In other news, as many of our thousands of loyal readers know, Standard & Poor (emphasis on "poor") downgraded Albany Law's bond rating to "stable." While we regret that S & P has apparently adopted the ludicrous scamblogger ideas that this is some sort of long-term, seismic shift that affects Albany's ability to pay its own debt, we at the Center remain confident and optimistic that new ways of scheming, wheeling, and dealing, will be devised before any material change to Albany's - or any other school's - credit-worthiness is adversely affected.

Tl;Dr: Albany still has a rating of A+++ from us, an entity in no way qualified to issue such ratings, but when has that ever stopped anyone from propagandizing?

Scam on, friends.

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