Monday, November 16, 2015

Budding County Star Not in Law School, Losing Potentially Millions in Lucrative Sub-Niche

Randy Houser is a budding country music star.  But when asked how law school is going, he gets surprisingly non-receptive:
[A]ccording to the country singer-songwriter’s online biography posted on Wikipedia, “He enrolled in the Texas Tech University School of Law in August 2015 with intentions to graduate in 2018 and seek admission to the State Bar of Texas. As of September 2015, Houser intends to pursue a double concentration in intellectual property and jurisprudence.”
“I don’t know anything about that,” he says...
Even if his Wikipedia page is "totally fabricated," he should take it as a sign from White Country God that now's the time to strike and become a star in a different sphere.  The world might need another Wrangler-commercial cowboy singing songs about godly white people and their pickup trucks, but the world needs another lawyer even more.  With a law degree from [Texas Tech] concentrating in [Jurisprudence], his estimated annual income stream would be around [$183,913].  Giddy-up!

Still want to twang, partner?

In fact, what if Houser could combine the two?  I see it now: a minstrel lawyer, simultaneously imbued with Gene Autry and Abraham Lincoln, gleefully ripping off clients and Toby Keith at the same time.  Because it's an area I just now made up, it's now doubt severely under-served, and Houser would be poised to make millions and fill a hot tub with the domestic beer of his choice.

Shit, if dre d.p. cummings can fuse hip hop and the law as a scholarly discipline, I fail to see why Houser couldn't inspire a new wave of lawyer-musician-scholars to forge Country-Western and the Law as a bona fide curriculum addition, if not a streamlined LLM program at a school like Wyoming or Tulsa.

I'll even start y'all off with some song lyrics.  Cue the steel guitar:

Sittin' on my porch, my dog 'n' me
Like the night sky came clear to see
I would go to Tech and study I.P.
then sing about justice and liberty.
Well I'm who I am because of J.C.
Now I make my money because of J.D.
...because of J.D.
...because of J.D.

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