Thursday, November 12, 2015

American Dream Alive and Well at NYLS

Back in May, I praised Joe Plumeri for some sage advice that will ensure many an NYLS graduate a bucketload of clients, joy, and money money money money money.

Now Plumeri is putting his hard-earned money where his mouth is.  Five million to NYLS.  Finally - FINALLY - an American law school will have a "Center for Social Justice and Economic Opportunity."

Mr. Plumeri is never as a loss for ingeniousness.
“The American dream is alive and well at NYLS,” said Mr. Plumeri. “It is truly New York’s law school, with a student body as diverse as New York City itself, filled with real people pursuing their dreams and who will help others pursue theirs."
I remember that one time I helped a gang of tweaked-out cowboy banking scions beat multiple charges of racketeering, embezzlement, and sexual assault.  It was always their dream to conduct a quasi-criminal organization that barely skirts by the Almighty Law.  With my law license and a black suit from Kohls, you can call me Gary Wright, 'cause I'm like a motherfuckin' dreamweaver.

And kudos to NYLS, which, as it is truly as diverse as NYC, is now admitting homeless smack addicts and crazy insomniacs who sit in cafes at 4 a.m. just to stare.  Way to go, NYLS.  You're finally truly opening doors for all comers.


  1. After the homeless smack addicts graduate they can pursue an "independent legal career". If they can pass the bar.

  2. I deserve loans to spend three years shooting hoops. Why? I'm pursuing my dream of playing in the NBA. Sure it won't ever happen, but getting to pursue it is the important part here.

    1. The NBA is expanding the draft to 85 rounds so it can be filled with real people pursuing their dreams

    2. Really? Wow. I would love to put my wife in a new Bentley, and get rid of the ten year old Jetta. Where do I sign up?

    3. NYLS club basketball is sure to get you there. But you might want to start thinking about what luxury cars you'll be putting your mistress and girlfriend in. Just like TTTT JD-candidates, as a 77th rounder goldiggers will be throwing themselves at you in pursuit of your soon-to-be-had riches.

  3. Please talk to any practicing solo or small firm lawyer. We will tell you the truth. Even if your entire law school is filled with "discrete and insular minorities," it does them no darn good if there are no legal jobs or work for them. The market is grossly oversaturated with attorneys. Solos and small firms do represent the UNDERSERVED "pursuing their dreams." The folks we see at court houses and making pro se filings and appearance are DEFIANT or suffer some sort of personality disorder and REFUSE to pay for anything. Many solos will go to court for $100. We live in a Walmart world.

  4. Hypocrite. Just remember, he was head of Citigroup/Citibank. They are involved in fringe banking, payday loans and sub-prime loans. All exploitive of the poor. This law school will need that just to fight stuff his bank created.