Saturday, August 16, 2014

Western Michigan Cutting Jobs

Remember Western Michigan's concerns from a year ago?
"Our model has basically been the grasshopper and the ants from your fables," LeDuc said. "We set aside a fair amount of money to weather what we thought the storm would be. Our only concern is how long this lasts."
LeDuc believes this a cyclical downturn. He said the effects of a bad economy have been "exacerbated by the stuff on the Internet."
Now, Western Michigan, is weakened as a result of the internet:
Faculty and staff at [Western Michigan] Law School campuses in Michigan will be cut by the end of the month as part of a broad "right-sizing" program announced July 1.
In announcing the plan, the university said it needed to cut costs because "enrollment and revenue have continued to decline while health care and legacy costs continue to rise."
For the uninformed, "legacy costs" are generally costs that are left over from a time when the organization had different priorities, which is a euphemism for saying, "when cash flowed a lot easier."

In other words, Western Michigan is paying for you exacerbaters spraying your crap all over the internet about law being a raw deal.  So, uh, stop it, you assholes.  All this law school is trying to do is recover from its previous mistakes while keeping the funds flowing to the right pockets.  Is that so bad?  Do you really have to go exacerbating and stepping on penny-pinching grasshoppers and ants and shit?  If you really cared about the future of legal education, it seems to me that you would support fresh-start ventures like Western Michigan.

Hypocrites.  Scam on.


  1. Not only legacy costs. The 2nd best law school in the country, formerly known as Cooley, must also pay a pretty penny in legal costs to track down and sue scambloggers who cruelly malign its tradition of academic excellence.

  2. "Legacy costs" also include almost half a million a year to Brennan, the original founder of Cooley, who is on retirement a thousand miles away. Is that legacy cost going up too?