Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Paul Campos Vomits, Law School Enrollment Improves

Paul Campos, who is not a real scholar and who has a paltry publishing record in comparison to my own (I have 200+ blog posts; Campos doesn't have nearly that many law review articles), has decided to dry-heave 5000 words in yet another dying publication.  It starts with the heroic story of Florida Coastal President Dennis Stone thwarting an attempted insurrection by that ruffian David Frakt.
But midway through Frakt’s statistics-filled PowerPoint presentation, he was interrupted when Dennis Stone, the school’s president, entered the room. (Stone had been alerted to Frakt’s comments by e-mails and texts from faculty members in the room.) Stone told Frakt to stop “insulting” the faculty, and asked him to leave. Startled, Frakt requested that anyone in the room who felt insulted raise his or her hand. When no one did, he attempted to resume his presentation. But Stone told him that if he didn’t leave the premises immediately, security would be called. Frakt packed up his belongings and left.
Whoever immediately emailed the President, alerting him to fomenting rebellion immediately, should get a gold star, SuperTenure, and an associate deanship.

I couldn't it make it much more into the article.  I'm assuming it's bullshit or something.  Yawn.

Meanwhile, Law School Tuition Bubble is reporting that law schools are +1100 right now.  ("I speculated that the applicant decline would be 6,000, but it was lower at 4,900.").  Win.

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  1. Who is Paul Campos? Isn't he the guy who says obesity is a myth?