Thursday, August 28, 2014

Valvoline Dean Slippin' Out

One of our heroes here at the LSTC, Dean Patrick E. Hobbs of the prestigious Seton Hall law school, is leaving his post after what is assuredly the best run of law school leadership in New Jersey history.

Thankfully, the "Valvoline Dean" - a name he acquired due to the fact that the engine (Seton Hall) does not run nearly as well without him - is moving on to places that will benefit from the gift of his skills.
In the wake of the George Washington Bridge scandal, Gov. Chris Christie recruited Hobbs, 54, to a new position as ombudsman in the governor's office. Hobbs, the governor said, would have free rein to police any wrongdoing, conduct ethics training and improve email policies among Christie's staff and inner circle of advisers.
The article says it's only a part-time job, so let's hope Dean Hobbs can find another gig to share his talents with the world.  Maybe practice part-time in bet-the-company litigation?  Maybe get a spot on Sallie Mae's Board of Directors?

In any event, if there's one thing that's true, it's that if you're looking for someone to police bureaucratic wrongdoing and train others on ethics, it's the longtime law dean of a third-tier urban private school.
Lemonnier said Hobbs chose to step down as dean in part because law-school admissions have stabilized after a period of declines. "Honestly, there is nothing else going on," she said, adding that "it's a good time to hand over the reins."
Indeed.  Now go and hire someone who can live up to the legacy.  If you want, I can direct you to a faculty blog or two where some excellent candidates post regularly.


  1. Does this mean that he can go back to being the Athletic Director at $eTTTon Haul? If so, he could rename the athletics teams the Butt Pirates.

  2. The aptly-named Dean even uses car anologies in his conversation:

    "On every cylinder the law school is doing incredibly well right now," Hobbs said. "This is the time when you give somebody else the privilege of running Seton Hall Law School."

    Can't wait to see what others do the privilege. Sad to see him go, but I'm sure his skills will be put to good use.

  3. Seton Hall should recruit a new dean from the Drexel law school, which the founding donor refused to allow to use his distinguished name any longer. I mean, if nothing's going on, and admissions have stabilized, and it doesn't matter if the Seton Hall grads are getting jobs, then why not hire a Drexel professor?

  4. Hobbs looks damn good for his age. I guess evil keeps you young.

    1. Please allow me to introduce myself,
      I'm a man of wealth and taste.
      Been around for long, long years,
      Laid many a man's soul to waste.

  5. A brilliant appointment by our next President. Next stop of Hobbs: Chief of Staff.