Thursday, August 21, 2014

Law School Slump Busted: High LSAT Scorers are Back

A common refrain I have seen from the "scamblog" movement is that high scorers on the LSAT were rejecting law school.

Well, like The Terminator, they're back!  Cue Slate's Jordan Weissman:
The number of top-tier applicants—those with at least a 170 on their LSAT—is growing again. These are students who can probably make it into one of the very few law programs where graduates never experienced significant underemployment. Their numbers are still well down from a few years ago but seem to have stabilized—they're realizing that now really is a good time to go to law school (so long as you can get into a decent program).
Never experience significant underemployment!  Come and get it, 170-pluses.  It's not like the 169s can take your spot or anything.  And it's not like the LSAT is normalized and allows for multiple chances to be a 170+ scorer or anything.

Thank God for science.  And law, of course.  With all these new-blood high scorers, we're going to keep the law school train rolling for some time.  Scam on.


  1. It's morning in America! A great time to apply to law school!

  2. Even Weissman, who is obviously parroting law school propaganda, admits that prospective students should only attend "decent programs." I think he's suggesting that those are "the very few programs where graduates never experienced significant underemployment."

    So there you have it. Top 5 or bust, courtesy of a PR machine funded by federal student loan writeoffs.