Monday, August 4, 2014

Law School Architectural Pr0n

I found this - a lengthy article of photos of the prettiest law schools in the world - linked on that scandalous website JD Underground.

I double-dog dare you to look at a building such as Arizona State's and NOT wind up weeping in awe at the resplendent beauty, with each particle calculated to harvest maximum Socratic impact on America's future lawyers.

There are those skeptics who say that revenues backed by onerous student loans should not be used to help finance glorious Taj Mahals of legal education.  I beg to differ.  A look at these buildings, and I am sure you, too, will see the majesty and appreciate their divine purpose of educating students in an aesthetically-pleasing building...right after you wipe the drool off your keyboard.


  1. Say what you will, dude - I for one actually do like to see a top-shelf campus. Some of them are real sights to behold.

    I know I enjoyed the ambience back when I was in college (admittedly, a large part of that might have something to do with the fact that college was affordable back then).

    To be sure, I don't agree with many of their choices (cough Cooley cough). Most of their examples are actually hideous. Besides, it's not one building that makes a campus picturesque, it's the whole scene taken together.

    For a brief time, you used to be able to get the full college experience and atmosphere for a price that wouldn't put you in the poorhouse. Those days are gone, I'm afraid - but for me, my old college's campus is a place that is full of happy memories.

  2. List pieces like this are not fair; All law schools are beautiful

  3. Absolutely breathtaking. Non-profit should never mean second-rate.

    I do question a few of the selections though:

    Pittsburgh (No. 46) looks like a parking garage desined by a Tolkien character.

    Syracuse (No. 25) looks like a maxium security prison.

    Iowa (No. 10) looks like a subway with an observatory.

  4. Do you want to go into FINANCIAL RUIN, so that you can contribute to one of these ugly monoliths, lemmings?!?! Who cares if you can ever support a family on measly wages, if you can help ensure that the school can entice more victims via its facilities that you went into monstrous debt for, right?!

  5. That new ASU building embodies the grandeur and majesty of the law. I wish I could caress it.

  6. Can you download posters of these Law schools? I really want to frame one at put it my living room

  7. Lincoln had a great line about military glory. He called it: "that attractive rainbow, that rises in showers of blood--that serpent's eye, that charms to destroy."

    Substitute the word "debt" for the word "blood" and the line can be used to describe these toilets dressed up as architectural gems.

  8. Wait, they are architectural gems, and there is nothing baring with admiring the design and engineering they represent. Now just because they are used to attract idiots, that is nothing new