Monday, September 23, 2013

This Thomas Jefferson Has His Hos, Too.

In yet another blow to the cute little ants who keep trying to hold law schools accountable for their gifted salesmanship, the judge in California overseeing the insult to Thomas Jefferson denied class certification.

Game over.

Do not pass go.  Do not collect a refund on your tuition.

My favorite part:
In support of the Opposition, TJSL has presented 111 declarations of graduates. The declarations indicate differences in what factors influenced the graduates to attend TJSL and differing weights to those various factors. Declarants included 42 different factors and less than 15% of the declarants identified employment statistics as important.
The thing you litigious idiots ignored is that law school is a breeding ground for sycophants and people who simply can't recover from Stockholm Syndrome.

Only 15% of applicants relied on employment information.  Keep saying that enough times and maybe it will become plausible.

This is sort-of like back when TJLS got sued and had the the alumni defending its sacred honor.  Clearly, this was not authored by an attorney or school representative:
Thomas Jefferson School of Law complied with industry standards when reporting job placement data.
As even the trial court noted, the original plaintiff in the case was offered full time employment, as an attorney, within nine months of graduating from TJSL.
At its core, this case is really an attack on the method of reporting statistics in use at the time by the American Bar Association (ABA) and U.S. News & World Report – not on the unique actions by Thomas Jefferson School of Law, which provided the specific data requested and in the specific format requested of every ABA law school in the nation. 
Spontaneous alumni love letter, indeed.

That piece of impeccable PR work was signed by twenty-six extremely accomplished attorneys and judges, which is a very, very high proportion of their graduate pool.  It's heart-warming that their ranks swelled to over a hundred when it came time to defend their beloved in an actual court.

I used to shake my fist at the judge for letting this claim go past the pleading stage.  Now I see the subtle grace of his move.  Unlike his counterparts in Chicago and New York, who snuffed the little flies mercilessly with First-Class Legal Logic, the judge in California gave the plaintiffs a glimmer of hope and a year of thinking this was for real...

...and then he snatched it away.  NO SUIT FOR YOU!

Good one, judge.


  1. "Judges" are nothing more than politicians in black robes. At the federal level, they are typically mere bagmen for Indu$try. They simply do not relate to the plebeians, since they are in a different class. They identify with the wealthy.

    Anyone with a functioning brain steam realizes that people attend "professional" school so that they can enter careers, not dead end jobs. Would this same piece of trash judge claim that people attend medical, dental or veterinary school for anything other than finding work in those fields?!

    In order to get into most law schools, you need a four year degree, a strong undergrad GPA, and a decent LSAT score. I recognize that the latter two criteria are not as important as they were, since most ABA-accredited toilets want to maintain large class sizes - in the midst of declining applications.

    At any rate, FOR MOST STUDENTS, if you go to law school, you want to be an attorney. Does ANYONE ever say, "I want to go to law school and go into doc review"?!?! No one has the goal of becoming a compliance officer or insurance salesman, when they register with LSAC.

    Great work documenting this bastard "judge" and his decision.

  2. For some reason, the serfs are first to defend the kingdom. They got to sign on to a mess of propaganda concocted by their betters. Sad but true, everyone wants to show off their misguided opinions.

    I'm not so worried about TJ. I think they go bankrupt within two years, and someone with even more ambition buys their magnificent edifice. And academic tenure doesn't pay much in bankruptcy court...a practice-ready attorney informed me of that fact.

    Not that I wish food stamps on anyone, even scamprofs and scamdeans. But TJ going under might incapacitate the scammers, as in keeping them from scamming again.

  3. By the way, your new name and format were quite effective in attracting me to your great content. Keep up the good fight.

    I appreciate your new openness to anonymous comments; I won't use any name in view of the scammers. And I hope you nuke, with joy, any ad hominem nonsense from those same scammers. It's bound to come your way as you continue to get better and grow your archives.

    Again, best wishes in everything you do. You meet the strangest friends as you do good things in cyberspace, and they do want you to succeed.