Thursday, September 19, 2013

Cooley-WMU Formalize Their Short-Term Hook-Up at Kalamazoo Love Chapel

Oh, yeah, Faust has signed the accord:
Officials, alumni, faculty, staff, students and friends of Western Michigan University and Thomas M. Cooley Law School met on the WMU campus Sept. 17 to witness the formal signing of an affiliation agreement between the schools and celebrate a range of initiatives expected to grow out of the move.
It's a deft move that I'm surprised more 8th-tier law schools haven't tried.  Then again, there aren't many 8th-tier law schools.

Remember how Michigan State didn't have a law school and then they snapped up a crappy one and now MSU has a law school and the Detroit School of Law got an instant reputation boost for no good reason whatsoever except for the name change?  Or how Dickinson became instantly awesomer when it married Penn State?  And of course, Texas A&M now has a law school...

When Cooley becomes Western Michigan, the idiots who vote for the US News Rankings will have no idea that it's a gigantic crap-shack.  It'll be just another second-rate public law school that they had no idea existed, like Northern Kentucky or Southern Illinois or Eastern Colorado.

Other law schools should take note:

Thomas Jefferson?  San Diego State needs a law school.

Florida Coastal?  How about University of North Florida School of Law...

Don't forget some good private schools.  Why, Phoenix School of Law could become the Arizona Christian School of Law.

C'mon, you single bitches, upgrade those names!


  1. The pigs, cockroaches and pieces of trash at TTTThoma$ M. Cooley KNOW that their school is a national laughingstock. I'm sure that they have been looking to merge with a "legitimate" university or college for some time now.

    As an aside, how will this affect Cooley's number 2 overall rating in the TTTT Cooley rankings?!?!

    1. Who are the pigs, cockroaches, and pieces of trash? The students? The administration? It's pretty unfair that students applying to a school outside of the loop of it's reputation are then stuck with it because of the money making schemes of it's administration.

  2. Maybe this will push them to number one on the Cooley rankings.

    But the new official name will be "Western Michigan University Thomas M. Cooley Law School". Which surely must be the most long winded name for any law school. Why couldn't they just call it "Western Michigan University Law School". I'm sure they would really like to, but there must be some legal obligation stopping them from shedding the "Thomas M. Cooley" part from the name.

  3. The newlyweds are prudently keeping separate households and finances, though. "Under terms of the agreement, both schools retain their independent governance structures and separate fiduciary responsibilities. Cooley would continue as an independent, nonprofit 501(c)(3) entity."

    Easy to see why Cooley was eager to tie the knot, but what is in it for Western Michigan? Joint programs in entrepreneurship and professional ethics with the most ill-reputed law school in the country? A 3+3 with Cooley to allow Western Michigan students to destroy their lives in six years, rather than seven? I think Western Michigan is going to hate itself in the morning.

    1. university that sorta has a law school > university that's devoid of legal talent.

      western is now the envy of central and eastern.