Wednesday, September 25, 2013

An Excerpt from Ted Cruz's Magnum Opus

If there's one thing I love doing, it's giving attention whores more time.  And Ted Cruz, buddy, you earned my patronage.

During the middle of his near-pointless rambling yesterday Cruz explained to everyone why Generation XYZ is struggling:
I mentioned that if you were trying to design a law to hurt young people, ObamaCare--you couldn't do better than that. Well, it has produced a lost generation.
Here is what the Wall Street Journal said: 
Like so many young Americans, Derek Wetherell is stuck. At 23 years old, he has a job, but not a career, and little prospect for advancement. He has tens of thousands of dollars in student debt-- 
I know what student debt is like. It was only 2 years ago that I paid off my student debt. I had to take out student debt to pay my way through college and law school. There are a lot of young people right now struggling to pay off student debt. I will tell you, if you combine student debt with a dead-end job or not being able to find a job at all, that is a recipe for a lost generation.

Continuing with Derek Wetherell:
He has tens of thousands of dollars in student debt, but no college degree.
That is becoming more and more common. People take out loans to get a college degree, but they are not finishing. They are not able to finish.   He says he is more likely to move back in with his parents than to buy a home-- 
The American dream used to be that everyone wanted to buy their own home, have a white picket fence, have a swing out front on which your kids could play. That was our parents' dreams. That was their parents' dreams. That has been the American dream for generations. I ask young people, how many of you feel that dream is a realistic prospect for you? It was for your parents when they were your age. Let me tell you, the policies this Congress has put in place because we are not listening to the American people are a direct cause of that. ObamaCare is a direct cause of that.
Decades-long structural issues?  No, no, no, no, no.  The real cause of the "lost generation" of high student debt and low jobs is a law from 2010 and first taken seriously in 2012.

Things were clearly hunky-dory, with no student debt or low employment prospects, until Congress had the audacity to try and address America's health care problems.

And Ted Cruz knows what he's talking about.  He's got himself a law degree from Harvard and worked for Morgan Lewis Bockius and clerked for Rehnquist.  God knows he can't be an idiot.  Not in our prestigious legal system.  At least prior to ObamaCare inspiring Hitler and Marx.


  1. Rafael Edward Cruz is a stupid bitch and a tool of the owners. It's amazing how people will gloss over one's patent idiocy when they have degrees from "elite" colleges and law $chool$.

  2. Um, he said it was "A direct cause," not "THE ONLY direct cause." Did you show this much attention to detail when you were a student? And if you don't even understand how the prospect of Obamacare is causing employers to eliminate full-time jobs, then you are a fucking imbecile.

    1. So this piece of trash comment was sucked in the spam filter.

      To address it: Regardless of whether ObamaCare was a good thing or a bad thing, ObamaCare has literally nothing to do with young people facing an unfavorable employment market. Literally nothing. And there's a viable theory that ObamaCare may actually improve the relative employment/prospects of the young long-term.

  3. too bad you didn't catch more of his talk. he made a lot of good points.

    obamacare is bad for this country.

    1. Speaking of points, I think you missed a big one.