Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Camel's Back May Have Broken, But Law Schools Stand Strong

Old blogging platform seeded like a good idea at the time for reasons I'm not sure I remember.  It wasn't, and now I'm on blogger.  Great story.

Old posts are being migrated by yours truly in a turtle-like fashion, because it's REALLY hard to copy and paste all this shit without stopping to become amazed anew at the stupendous feats of America's slickest law schools.

In the meantime, here's a journalistic punt on football day:   After 8 years, what’s the value of Charlotte School Of Law degree?

Since they make absolutely no attempt to answer the question, I will:  you divin' into money.  That was easy.

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  1. For profit sewers of law that belong to InfiLaw depend entirely on waterheads to enroll. No one should expect that attending such a toilet will a wise personal investment. It is a great investment for $terling Partner$, though.