Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Whittier Saga: Law Professors Fight Back

With Whittier closing in an unprecedented, brash show of arrogance by a reckless administration pulling the rug on a highly successful law school, many schadenfreude-ridden maggots likely thought the law faculty would slink away quietly like humble donkeys with their tails between their legs.

Misinformed, fake news.

Far from sullen donkeys, law professors rise mighty like Harambe the Gorilla and beat their chests.  They're going to kill a fucking child before someone puts them down if they have to, even if it delays their inevitable ascension to partnership at MoFo or O'Melveny

From the OC Register:
A day before the Whittier College Board of Trustees announced that the law school will be discontinued, attorneys for more than a half-dozen faculty members filed an attempt for a temporary restraining order against the parent school.

A judge denied their request. But the issues raised in the court filings – including questions about the fate of millions of dollars raised in a recent sale of the Costa Mesa campus property that faculty contend was promised to the law school – will likely be at the center of future litigation, an attorney for the faculty members said on Thursday.

“It was a very irresponsible decision,” said attorney Hanna Chandoo of the trustee’s decision. A Whittier College alum, Chandoo filed the restraining-order request. “It is very sudden and not thought out.”
These professors are not effete Ivory Tower hermits. By filing futile, last-ditch legal papers, they're teaching their students a valuable lesson of bare-knuckle, mud-soaked litigation:  lose sorely and don't stop until the wall is thickly coated with the shit you've slung.

Whereas most businesses are free to jettison underperforming and socially flatulent business units, academia must be forced to maintain its deadweight and uphold every last unenforceable non-promise.  I'm not even sure what the super-lawyer legal theory would be or how Whittier's faculty members would have standing to prevent a college board of trustees from acting in the best interests of the college, but I'm sure the legal dream-team of Whittier alumni can make the school choke on its own medicine.

Whittier College is about to find out that one does not simply dump a law school.  Other central administrations are warned.


  1. Hanna graduated second in her class and she's way smarter than you, meanyhead. With over one year experience practicing she is a formidable litigator.

    1. One of course has to wonder how much it has to do with anything that an associate dean/tenured lawprof at Whittier is of counsel. The firm looks to be almost all Harvard, Yale, NYU and Columbia with one each from USC, Whittier and Southwestern. All I figure out about that last one is that she looks like she could f*** like a house afire.

      I also wonder whether that soon-to-be-unemployed lawprof might bump an associate off the letterhead.

  2. How could the faculty have standing to sue over that?

    Well, they can't be expected to know the first thing about law.

    1. Funny thing is, when the Unification Church-affiliated Professors' World Peace Academy got control of the University of Bridgeport the law faculty just announced it was breaking away and finding a new university with which to affiliate. With the law school and the university both in financial trouble they were allowed to go and the faculty and students voted to affiliate with Quinnipiac. In theory that would be the perfect solution for Whittier's faculty but good luck finding anyone willing to start writing the checks. One other thing is certain, too. Fairfield U. and Sacred Heart U. which both offered to take over Bridgeport Law must be thanking God several times a day that they lost.