Monday, April 24, 2017

The Whittier Saga Cont'd: Whittier Students Reaffirming Faith in Youth

With Whittier's announced closure, one might think the student body, incipient million dollar lawyers, all, would connive their way into discharging those student loans under the closed school exception.  Back in my day, of course, people paid their debts; sign the dotted line, do the work, make the payments.  But kids these days are often called thriftless waifs who will sign a master promissory note with no real intention or understanding of paying back the mortgage-sized indenture.

But look at Whittier students!  Kids these days may be amateurs at protesting injustices compared to their Boomer elders - who rocked the 60s, got black folks their freedom, and tore down The Wall - but the last few years have given us BLM, anti-Trump marches, and - now - protests against the irrational deprivation of 4th-rate legal education opportunities.
About 100 law students angry over the announced closure of Whittier College’s law school in Costa Mesa this week demonstrated at the college’s main campus on Friday.
“They just dropped this bomb on us a week-and-a-half before finals without any regard to how we would react or feel,” said Stephanie Rigoli, a third-year student...
An emergency meeting on Wednesday held at the Costa Mesa campus to announce the decision to close quickly turned tense...

The students at the meeting became increasingly frustrated as Brown and Whittier College President Sharon Herzberger answered their questions.

After about a half-hour, both left the meeting saying they would take additional questions from the student via email. Some of the students booed as the pair left.

Rigoli and other students said they felt the decision and the announcement on short notice was a “slap in the face,” and didn’t take into account their hard work and the money they’ve invested in the school so far.
I'm proud to by an American in 2017.  Aren't you, dear comrade?

We could all learn from Whittier students.  When you make a terrible decision, and life is trying to suggest to you a convenient path out of it, take the road less traveled, double down, and holler for your right to be stuck with the consequences of your ill-made choices.  


  1. $TTTTockholm $yndrome, "higher education" edition.

  2. ' “They just dropped this bomb on us a week-and-a-half before finals without any regard to how we would react or feel,” said Stephanie Rigoli, a third-year student... '

    Clearly the most important thing to say about this. Nevermind the important issues facing the future of the legal profession in the United States; they should have been more sensitive to the feels of the student loan conduits.

  3. Throwaway AttorneyApril 24, 2017 at 6:48 PM

    If ever there was a sign from up above to change careers, then this was it. Sometimes, you just have to admit that the deck is stacked and that doubling down on a losing hand is a really bad idea.

  4. Do you expect intelligence from people the great majority of whom scored in the 140s or lower on the LSAT?

  5. "I fear that I’ve made myself thousands of dollars in debt, worked tirelessly to have a degree with what kind of value,” said third-year student Melissa Suffield, vice president of the college’s student bar association."

    What kind of value did she think the degree would have when she started as a 1L?

  6. In my father's day people who were the age of these snowflakes or younger were storming bloody beaches, taking desperately needed aid to Britain through U-Boat infested waters, riding bombers into clouds of anti-aircraft fire, etc.

    In the America of 2017 students at even elite universities say they feel frightened and threatened if a person with whom they disagree comes to campus to speak, and all this 3L thinks is important is that the administrators didn't think about her feelings. Bad news, honey, the Judge isn't going to think about your feelings before ruling against you.

    I'm really starting to think we're screwed.