Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Charleston Saga, Cont'd: What Golden Times Ahead

Longtime readers - despite the high incidence of using crack 'n' shit - likely recall The Charleston Saga, the ongoing hard-hitting exploration on this blog of Charleston School of Law and the ruthless jackwads who tried to get in the way of a few sweet old gentlemen getting their fair share on this cruel rock.

In any event, here's the next chapter.
The Charleston School of Law’s new president predicts that the upcoming class of freshmen will be the largest in the institution’s history.
Based on the number of deposits that have already come in, the freshman class in the fall could reach 200 or more, [Pres. Ed] Bell said after commencement.

“There’s a chance we could blow everything out of the water,” he said.
Speaking of blowing impressively, let's talk about these torpedoes CSOL is launching.  After enduring the waves of turmoil at CSOL, these new graduates are hardened badasses no doubt significantly more employable, each one like lubricated, vulcanized dildo - versatile, and ready for action.  Because the legal market isn't flooded at all, these graduates will no doubt make a big splash, and doubtless prepare the legal marketplace for the coming tsunami of hundreds more of the finest fish from this ABA school.

If you think the water-based references in the previous paragraph were a bit much, I have good news:  I'm all washed up. 

Unlike CSOL, apparently.  Next stop on the million dollar cruise ship:  Charleston Harbor.  Room for plenty more.  Tickets on sale - buy now!


  1. For 2015, per the ABA's inflated stats, CSOL had 78 grads-out of a class of 133-with JD required jobs-and of the 78, 13 were employed in either short-term or part-time jobs.
    And the freshman class will reach 200 with these job numbers? It's hopeless; the scam will never die. The information is out there-but there are just too many naive/Special Snowflakes/nothing better to do applicants.

  2. Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance KingMay 13, 2016 at 3:13 PM

    If only one guy gets a job, they were a success! It all starts with one.

  3. Funny that you should mention torpedoes. The most potent one, and the most needed, is a withdrawal of eligibility for student loans. Charleston hasn't been hit harder by the federal government since Fort Sumter.

  4. Yes, Charleston could bring in 200 lemmings this year. And I could be crowned queen of England.