Friday, May 6, 2016

God Bless the 148. Law Deans Show That the Brooks Brothers Suit of Solidarity is Alive and Well

A few posts ago, I expressed the conflict at issue with LSAC pushing its monopoly power in contravention of law schools' desire to continue milking as much monopoly money as possible.

Well, the law deans have struck back.  148 of them have signed a petition/letter to demand that LSAC rescind its threat to expel Arizona because "[e]xperimentation benefits us all."  [seriously? you think that one through? - ed.]
We write as law school deans to express our great concern over LSAC’s threat to expel the University of Arizona Law School because it experimented with using the GRE as a small part of its admissions process. Experimentation benefits all of us. We all expect to learn from the University of Arizona’s experiment and it should not be punished by LSAC.
Among the esteemed signatories are such luminaries as Nick Allard (Brooklyn), Ben Barros (Toledo), Scott DeVito (Florida Coastal), Mark Gordon (Mitch Hamline), Thomas Guernsey (TJLS), Shirley Mays (Arizona Summit), and AALS President Kellye Testy (Washington).

Not listed, either due to momentary treason or a failure to timely read email, are deans some of the nation's highest law schools:   Stanford's Elizabeth Magill, Chicago's Michael Schill, and WMU-Cooley's Don Leduc.

Nonetheless, for 148 law deans to pool together this quickly is an astounding show of unitary force, and makes it significantly easier to pick a side in this little tete-a-tete.

Police officers have the blue code of silence to not rat on each other's gun-dropping and minority-beating.  Physicians have the white coat of silence when one of them slices the aorta or gets drunk reading pap smear results.  Law deans?  Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the Brooks Brothers Suit of Solidarity.  You put on the nice clothes with the law school lapel, and you're going to be okay with the school next door letting junior college kids with a blood test and a color-by-numbers application.  You want to take kids after one semester of undergrad in pottery breaking?  Fuck it, we'll write a letter and support your experimentation.  You want to dump the bar exam in favor of a drunken hopscotch competition?  Why, it's downright uncouth for these monopolists to expel you!

These people aren't just law deans.  They're a fuckin' gang.  Oligopoly > Monopoly.

Law dean clan ain't nuthin' to fuck wit'.


  1. The cockroaches united for a higher purpo$e. How "honorable," huh?!?!

  2. A gang? Well then, maybe RICO is the cure!

  3. Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance KingMay 8, 2016 at 1:58 PM

    Can't blame these Deans. They have a good gig. They get a check every two weeks, pension, health care, vacation pay, benefits galore, university facilities. They don't want to end up like me. An under employed 25 year solo attorney, broke, with a crappy Bronze Level Obama plan, underemployed and begging clients for 2 bills. Or worse, my buddy out over 30 years from a T-1 School completely unemployed. He went to a job counselor and she told him that there are 500 to 750 applicants for every law job.