Thursday, May 19, 2016

55 Arizona Summit Graduates Reach Bar Exam Pinnacle

Arizona Summit, an ongoing experiment in how high everyone can get while still functioning within the strict accreditation confines of the ABA, continues to elevate itself.

Arizona's February 2016 bar exam results have been released.  194 of Arizona Summit's took the challenge.  55 sustained the brutal obstacle course, that extreme limits test of endurance and skill that only a select few people nationwide can survive.  But Summit went above and beyond.  Indeed, one Summit student even scored a ridiculously stratospheric 353, higher than any other test taker, including those from "higher ranked" Arizona and Arizona State.  With such lofty scores, readers should have no doubt that the most prestigious firms west of the Mississippi will be hurdling foothills just to gawk upwards at the monumental glory.

On a test where only 48.7% of test-takers passed, Arizona Summit's 38.1% pass rate for first-time takers is impressive, particularly for a relatively new law school that manages to charge enough to ostensibly profit.  Said pass rate was also significantly higher than 30.4% repeat rate for all ABA accredited schools, which may just possibly include students from places like Stanford or Cal.

Keep on climbin', Shirley Mays.  With such leaders and the motivation of modest public service profits, this school will continue to build towards excellence.  That's no pile of died shit they're climbing, either; it's a craggy rock of justice.  That steady stream of brown liquid isn't an avalanche of diarrhea, but rather a river of chocolate milk and honey flowing from the apex to which the best lawyers inexorably climb.

With other law schools, you might get a million dollar degree, graduate, and sit at any number of upper middle class desks.  With Arizona Summit, you're trekking up a mountain to kiss the legal heavens.

Arizona Summit:  Are You High?

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  1. Captain Hruska Carswell, Continuance KingMay 20, 2016 at 5:17 PM

    Now the real challenge begins. Welcome to Solo practice. Public Defender and Prosecutor jobs are now considered "prestigious" and go to the connected or very lucky few. It's now considered a dream law job. So, welcome to Solo practice where you will office in a decrepit 50s faux Colonial style suburban "professional" building fighting with us desperate veteran attorneys for two bill retail thefts and DUI's. Your Bronze level Obama Care plan (the cheapest) will be 4 bills per month. You student loan payments will be 5 bills or more per month. Welcome to the world of '07 Camrys and Accords Plenty for $2500 with 125K miles. Your sister earning 85K in HR with only a BA from DeVry will loan you the money. Maybe grandma will give you her '97 LeSabre with the leather bench seat. Just remember, if you get hungry, Court personnel who make a heady (compared with you) 65K, health care and pensions always have candy or donut holes on their desks. When they turn around to get you a court form, grab a handful and stuff them in your ill fitting JC Penny suit coat. I once made four donut holes last an entire day. Arby's has three sandwiches on special for a fin. If you are lucky, you can make 10 dollars worth of gas last two days until you grab another fifty bucks from another client. It's brutal. Its still somewhat like this for me and I am out 26 years from a T-1. Good Luck.